Since 1965 we offer specific and innovative solutions of vehicle layouts. From conception outil realization we develop this activity by taking advantage from our great experience of industrial coachwork.

We assist you in the study of your needs for the realization of all types of body trucks.

From the price study, we elaborate up together a specific technical description which describes the elements of your vehicle. This essential document guides us in the manufacture, the delivery and the monitoring of your “body truck solution”.

In order to gain in reactivity and to ensure the production of your project by respecting your expectations and delivery time, we offer you a regular progress report of your project.

We are equipped with powerful and adapted tools for our profession. Software of “Computer Aided Design” allowing a rapid modelling and regular exchanges with you. Business management software based on an organization allowing to process the files from the quotation to the after-sales

For each building or layout, HATTY provides you an after-sales technical support.

HATTY’s workers forms the main force of the company. They work in project teams dedicated to each type of product.

HATTY has chosen to gather all useful skills internally (sales department, design office, purchase department, coachwork, metalwork, joinery, paint, electricity, hydraulic…). The objective is the control of the production line.

Hatty is an UTAC skilled company, allowing your vehicle’s initial conformity control. PV UTAC N°PL/19.001035 and VUL/19.001041.

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