After-sales service

HATTY VONNAS After-sales service

For the HATTY VONNAS coachwork, it clearly appears that the after-sales service has a dominating place in the customer process. To satisfy our customers and build a trust worthy partnership, it is essential that we offer the maintenance and repair of body trucks. Our policy is oriented towards the satisfaction of our customers, we organize a customized after-sales service adapted to the demands of our customers.
As such, we have chosen to have an after-sales service directly attached to our sales department, both departments work together for ever more efficiency.

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Construire un partenariat solide fondé sur la confiance et la satisfaction

Building up a strong partnership with our customers, based on trust and satisfaction.

We offer following services :

  • Care and maintenance of your bodies
  • Starting up of your equipments (liftgate, crane,…) + periodic inspection
  • Training in the use of your equipment
  • Spare parts.