In 1965, Mr. Michel HATTY after a few years passed in the company of his father-in-law Mr. Marius LAMBERET, has decided to start his own one. For his beginnings he conceived his first vehicle in the workshop of LAMBERET.

HATTY then produces van bodies, store trucks, iron carrier trucks, livestock trucks.

Design and manufacture of the first central cab.

Manufacture of specific shelters made of sandwich panels for nuclear tests.

Manufacture of tailor-made shelters made of sandwich panels for the launch base of Ariane 5 in Kourou.

1st OB truck vehicle for the French television.

1st bottling truck

Manufacture of an OB truck with small extension intended for HD television.

New conception for our central cab with modern design, delivery of 11 OB trucks for the Olympic Games of ALBERTVILLE.

Marlène HATTY became president of HATTY coachwork.

Manufacture of 3 OB trucks for the Olympic Games of LILLEHAMMER.

Motor home manufacture for motor racing specially for Mr. Alain PROST.

Manufacture of the first satellite vehicles, manufacture of the first half cabs.

Design and development of security cars and customs vehicles.

The extensible event vehicles activity, stage trucks, podium trucks, terrace trucks, or cyclist arrival trucks are growing.

Manufacture of security vehicles

Delivery of 12 semi-trailers, 6 showrooms and 6 OB trucks for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

Obtaining 3 year framework contract with ENEDIS for the production of crane tray trucks and cut cabins. ENEDIS has renewed the contract in 2016.

1st expandable bottling vehicle steered by radio-control.

An event semi-trailer manufacture for the arrival of cycling competitions.