Cabins transformation

Cabins transformation

HATTY VONNAS is well-known for more than 50 years through its expertise especially in the design of cabins transformation. Our adapted design office and our production area allows us to entirely design and produce your customized vehicle according to your technical specifications. We are specialized in the design and manufacture of your trucks cabin

From the feasibility study to the delivery, we ensure you a complete service. We guide you to the choice of truck’s chassis in order to maximize our body truck to your needs. Our vehicles answer to extreme environment use ranging from -22°F to 122°F. We make sure to meet the standards in effect of the country of circulation.

HATTY is the unique central cabin manufacturer in France, and we managed to develop this type of vehicle to answer to ever more strict security and comfort standards. According to your transport specifications, we also offer you cut cabins on chassis from any brand.

These cabin transformations are authenticated by accredited organizations UTAC and IDIADA.

  • Pré-étude de faisabilité
  • Châssis camion de toutes marques et de tous tonnages (du véhicule léger au semi-remorque)
  • Transport de grandes longueurs
  • Règles HSE européennes respectées
  • Sélections de matériaux et de traitements personnalisées
  • Installations fluides et réseaux certifiées
  • Autonomie de travail étudiée pour vos besoins
  • Aménagement sur-mesure
  • Répartition des charges adaptée à votre métier
  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Trucks of all brands and weight (from light vehicle to the semi-trailer)
  • Long transport
  • Pallets transport
  • Crane of all brands
  • European HSE rules respected
  • Semi-remorque porte-feu
  • Customized selection of materials and treatments.
  • Fluid installations and certified networks
  • Autonomy of work studied for your needs
  • Customized interior layout
  • Load distribution adapted to your profession.